The management structure

The project INVITE is coordinated by Prof Mario Pezzotti, project scientific referent and primary coordinator contact toward the European Commission.

The governing structure of INVITE comprises a Steering Committee and a Project Coordination Unit.

The Steering Committee (SC) is the ultimate decision making body of the project. It meets at 6 month intervals and will comprise nine voting members:

  • Prof. Mario Pezzotti, scientific coordinator of the project (Chair);
  • the Delegate to International Relations at UNIVR;
  • the Directors of the four UNIVR Graduate Schools;
  • one representative of Regione del Veneto, a co-financing partner organisation;
  • one representative of the Verona Chamber of Commerce;
  • one representative from the non-academic sector;
  • a representative of the UNIVR Equal Opportunities Commission (Comitato Unico di Garanzia – CUG);
  • one INVITE PhD student.

The Steering Committee also includes one administrative assistant from the Project Coordination Unit.

Its main duties are:

  • to define the strategies and overall goals for the implementation of the project
  • to discuss and approve official documents
  • to decide on IPR issues related to research projects carried out by the INVITE PhD students
  • to guarantee the implementation of gender and equality policies
  • to monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the project and to assess the compliance of the project with the Grant Agreement and, if necessary, to approve modifications of the project plan;
  • to appoint key persons involved in the project, included the members of the Evaluation Committees

The Project Coordination Unit is the coordination and management body of the project. Its functions are to implement the decisions and strategies defined by the Steering Committee and to ensure that administrative and financial rules are followed. It communicates Steering Committee decisions to the UNIVR units and offices tasked with the implementation of project activities.

The Project Coordination Unit comprises four members:

  • Prof. Mario Pezzotti, scientific coordinator of the project
  • the Head of the Research Area;
  • the Manager of the PhD Office;
  • the Manager of the Grant Office.

Its main duties are:

  • to schedule, manage and coordinate the project activities, according to the Grant Agreement and decisions made by the Steering Committee;
  • to gather and analyse project implementation data, prepare internal reports for the Steering Committee and prepare periodic financial and activity reports for the European Commission.