Graduate School of Natural and Engineering Sciences

The Graduate School of Natural and Engineering Sciences of the University of Verona includes three PhD programmes:

  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Science
  • Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies.
Ca' Vignal buildings

Ca’ Vignal buildings


This PhD course is organised in a single curriculum and is focused on basic and applied research.

The PhD course studies the genetic, proteomic, metabolic and physiological characteristics of different living beings and their interaction with the external environment. The various themes relating to biological, chemical, agricultural and engineering areas are addressed in order to develop basic biotechnology research, to be used for the implementation of applied industrial research.

In addition, the PhD course provides students with competences related to the acquisition and treatment of big data through the use of DNA and RNA sequencing platforms, proteomic and metabolomic methodologies.

Computer Science

This PhD is based on a single curriculum and covers the main research topics in applied and theoretical information and communications technology (ICT): architectures and systems; databases and information systems; bioinformatics and biomedical informatics; artificial intelligence; formal languages and methods; computing methods; robotics and automation; and software and programming languages.

Nanoscience and Advanced Technologies

This PhD focuses on nanoscience and the application of advanced morphological and analytical technologies in biomedicine and forensic science, and is organised around three curricula:

  1. Morphological and clinical nanomedicine;
  2. Forensic sciences and technologies;
  3. Nanomaterials and in physicochemical and analytical technologies.

The integration of these scientific areas offers advantages by combining the most advanced chemical and physical technologies to address modern applications in biomedical and forensic science research.