Meet the INVITE PhD students! News

Between October 2018 and February 2019 the University of Verona enrolled the candidates selected for the fourteen positions offered by the INVITE doctoral programme.

Here you can find the bio-sketches and presentations of the research projects of the INVITE PhD students.

Petra Bjelica

Petra Bjelica
Let the other be: migrations and acculturation of Hamlet in Dostoevsky’s character Stavrogin (LOBHS)
PhD Programme: Foreign Literatures, Languages, and Linguistics
Supervisor: Stefano Aloe

Adriano José Habed

Adriano José Habed
The Figure of the Queer Intellectual: Theoretical Trajectories and Public Engagements (QUEERINT) PhD Programme: Human Sciences
Supervisor: Lorenzo Bernini

Hasmik Vardanyan

Hasmik Vardanyan
The “Armenian Dante-esque”: Dante in the Armenian Poetry of the 20th Century
PhD Programme: Philology, Literature and Performance Studies
Supervisor: Paolo Pellegrini

Islam Mohammad Rafiqul

Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
Rainwater Harvesting in Fighting Climatic Concerns and Women Empowerment in Bangladesh (RHFCCWEB)
PhD Programme: Economics and Management
Supervisor: Roberto Ricciuti

Maja Nisevic

Maja Nisevic
Profiling consumers through Big Data Analytics: The interplay between the GDPR and Unfair Commercial Practice Directive
PhD Programme: European and International Legal Sciences
Supervisor: Stefano Troiano

Alemayohu Mulubirhan Assefa

Mulubirhan Assefa Alemayohu
Flavonoid and Poor Lung Function study in Low-middle income countries (F-PLUS)
PhD Programme: Applied Sciences of Life and Health: Epidemiology – Biostatistics
Supervisors: Maria Elisabetta Zanolin and Vanessa Garcia-Larsen

Cristian Andres Carmona Carmona

Cristian Andres Carmona Carmona
Title: Role of glucokinase in cell death and cancer metabolism (GlucokinCC)
PhD Programme: Biomolecular Medicine
Supervisor: Marta Palmieri

Abou Bakr Mohamed Hammad Salama

Aboubakr Mohamed Salama
Title: micro RNA profiling and interference for myocardial injury in experimental cardiac arrest models (mRI – MICAM)
PhD programme in Cardiovascular Sciences
Supervisor: Giovanni Battista Luciani

Hu Peng

Peng Hu
Application study of silk fibroin scaffold in wound healing and scar prevention in vitro (ASSFWHSPIV)
PhD Programme: Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences
Supervisor: Ilaria Dal Prà

Bruno Miguel Dos Santos Lima

Bruno Miguel Dos Santos Lima
Molecular mechanisms controlling neutrophil-dependent tissue damage in Alzheimer’s disease
PhD Programme: Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
Supervisor: Gabriela Constantin

Bankole Molakun

Oluwamolakun Bankole
Neuronal “chronoconnectivity” and extracellular matrix in murine Alzheimer’s disease (ChronoAD)
PhD Programme: Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychiatric Sciences
Supervisor: Marina Bentivoglio

Samaneh Najafi

Samaneh Najafi
Plant Regeneration from Protoplasts and Genome Editing Application in Grape Vine (PREPROGEN)
PhD Programme: Biotechnology
Supervisor: Sara Zenoni

Salih Ahmed Mahdee Abdo

Ahmed Mahdee Abdo Salih
Imaging genetics: facing the challenge relying on machine learning (EDIPO)
PhD Programme: Computer Science
Supervisor: Gloria Menegaz

Mathieu Repellin

Mathieu Repellin
Nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery as an innovative strategy for treating myotonic dystrophy (NanoSTreaM)
PhD Programme: Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies
Supervisor: Manuela Malatesta