"Letters" by Mikali/Pixabay Application

Today is Valentine’s Day and you have probably prepared your Valentine’s card for your partner. Letters are important in everybody’s life, especially if you are applying for an INVITE fellowship!

If you want to improve your application, why don’t you ask somebody to endorse your candidature?

You can upload up to two reference letters by academic professors at the university where you have obtained your Master’s degree or by any other person from the academic or non-academic sector you have studied or worked with. Together with a scanned copy of the letters, you must provide the contact details of the people who are supporting you.

There is no template for the reference letters. They just need to be on headed paper and signed  and be no longer than 2 pages. Please, have a look at the INVITE Guide for applicants for further details. Your referents are free to present you and your skills as they want.

Here below you can find two very different examples 😉 Probably something in-between would work better!

Two examples of reference letter