15 seconds to tell your job in research News

The Research Executive Agency has launched the challenge to all researchers: to explain what their job in research is about in just 15 seconds. The deadline for submitting videos is 30 June 2020.

The idea of #MyJobinResearch video challenge is invite the researchers to talk about their EU-funded research in a catchy and fun format!

The initiative aims to spread the impact of EU-funded research and to promote the extraordinary work of the many researchers the EU has supported in their careers.

REA will also participate in the challenge! REA staff will tell their side of the story and what they do every day to support and promote EU research.

How to participate

The rules are very simple!

  1. Film a video with your mobile or camera (max 15 seconds) .
  2. Send via email to REA-INFO@ec.europa.eu the video, the text for the subtitles and the Consent form

The deadline for submitting videos is 30 June 2020.

The video can be either in English, or in the researcher’s native language, while the text for the subtitles must be in English.

REA’s communication team will edit and publish the best videos on REA’s Twitter account during June & July.

Further information and useful tips

You can find further information and useful tips to produce your video on the REA website.