Boosting your career with EURAXESS News

Are you planning your next step for your job? Would you like to enhance your position as researcher either in academia or outside? EURAXESS, the portal for the researchers’ mobility and career in Europe offer two services to boost your career as researcher.

A tool and a handbook for you

One service is the “No limits” toolkit for researchers highlights resources to help them explore careers for researchers, including advice, quizzes, information and much more. The tool helps researchers to analyse their needs, values and motivations and to plan their professional development.

The second support is the Career Handbook for Young Researchers. It offers some basic principles to help researchers contemplate on their work to date and begin to formulate an ongoing strategy.

The Career Development Plan as strategy

The core of these two instruments is the Career Development Plan (CDP): a document to examine work possibilities and set goals to follow the professional path that fits best to each researcher.

A CDP involves both proactive planning and implementation of all the necessary action steps towards the defined professional goals.

For this reason, all Marie Skłodwoska-Curie Actions (training networks, individual fellowships, Cofund) require that researchers – with the advice of their supervisors – define their own CDP and revise it regularly.

So, let’s visit the EURAXESS services to boost your career.