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Knowing is trusting people.

When we better know each other, we are able to accept our differences, respect our cultural differences and believe in our ability to live together. This is one of the main targets of the multidisciplinary, international but also multicultural INVITE project.

Thus, the INVITE students have organised an international dinner to exchange their cultures through foods, music and dances.

INVITE students' dinner (May 2019): the guests
INVITE students’ dinner (May 2019): the guests

On the table you can find kushari from Egypt, kljukusa and slatko from Bosnia, prebranac and proja from Serbia, alheira from Portugal, tawa from Iraq, tahchin from Iran, shiro and injera from Ethiopia, dodo from Nigeria, bandeja paisa from Columbia, and bing from China.

A laid table full of food from all around the world
The laid table full of food from all around the world (INVITE students’ dinner in May 2019)

Our INVITE students have shared the spirit of their respective countries and enjoyed the diversity in a warm atmosphere, as you can see from this picture too.

INVITE students' dinner (May 2019)
INVITE students’ dinner (May 2019)