Bankole Molakun: Searching for a therapy for ALS INVITE Blog

The series about the scientific achievements by our INVITE fellows continues with Bankole Molakun. My scientific research involves the combined use of two epigenetic drugs, resveratrol and valproate, as a possible treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as ALS, a disease of central nervous system that has no cure.

Samaneh Najafi: Climate change and wine INVITE Blog

The series dedicated to the scientific achievements by our INVITE fellows continues. Samaneh Najafi tells us how climate change is impacting on wine production. Without pure wine I cannot exist, Without the elixir of grape, I cannot persist. I am captive to the moment when the cup-bearer says, "Have another cup," and I am content to resist. Omar Khayyam Climate change has a strong impact...

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