Peng Hu: Healing wounds with 3D silk fibroin scaffold INVITE Blog / INVITE scientific achievements

With this post we start a new series. We have asked our INVITE fellows to tell us more about their research achievements. Here we have a short presentation by Hu Peng.

Silk fibroin tissue to heal wounds

My main research is about a silk fibroin tissue engineering material scaffold. It is considered to be a biomaterial with good clinical application prospects as a potential dermal substitute for wound healing.

Our previous studies have confirmed that the scaffold can effectively promote the regeneration of new blood vessels in vivo. Now we have improved the manufacturing process to obtain a new 3D scaffold, and carry out in vitro experiments for its application situation.

The results show that human cells participating in the process of wound healing can grow well on this silk fibroin scaffold and release exosomes which contain significant amounts of factors and intensively stimulate vascular tube formation in vitro.

The results of microscopy, electron microscopy, attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) of the dermal stent. And they also show that this novel 3D silk fibroin scaffold has good microscopic 3D structure and physicochemical properties.

Next improvements

These findings are very worthy of further study, and an indispensable puzzle has been completed for the preliminary study of this novel 3D silk fibroin scaffold as a tissue engineering dermal scaffold for clinical wound (e.g. burns, traumas, diabetic ulcers, scar excision and other kinds of wounding agent).

It is also expected that this study can provide preliminary research basis and theoretical support for the final clinical application of this novel 3D silk fibroin scaffold.

I am very grateful for this experience of the INVITE Project. During my research, I was lucky to meet inspiring people who have helped me become a better researcher. The relevant training courses of this project have given me a broad scientific vision and confidence. My supervisor and colleagues have provided all the help of work and life. They made me feel at home, and my research journey has been possible. Additionally, as an INVITE Ph.D. student, I have met other great INVITE Ph.D. students and have gained sincere friendships with them.