Maja Nisevic: Between law and ICT INVITE Blog / INVITE scientific achievements

The series on the scientific achievements by our INVITE fellows continues. Maja Nisevic has carried out her investigations between law and ICT to better protect consumers’ data.

Protecting the consumer’s data

My research refers to Technology and Law, most notably to interplay between the consumer and data protection law in the context of profiling through Big Data Analytics.

The EU pays a lot of attention to the development of technology in compliance with the legal rules. Therefore, my individual research contains of the interdisciplinary approach of analysis technology and law in the context of Big Data Analytics and profiling practice.

From INVITE to KU Leuven

Within the INVITE programme, I had an amazing experience. During the 3 year of my research project, I made a networking among scholars that are researching technology and law.

In particular, I have participated in various conferences and I have presented my research all around the globe. Most importantly, I have got an academic position at one of the best universities worldwide: the KU Leuven.