Biochemistry, and Clinical Proteomics and Genomics

Graduate School: Life and Health Sciences

PhD programme: Biomolecular Medicine

Application Deadline: 16 April 2018

Start Date: 1st October 2018

Duration: 36 months


The Biomolecular Medicine (BMM) program is an interdepartmental community interested in the elucidation of the fundamental processes underlying biological phenomena involved in cardiovascular, immunologic, non-oncologic hematologic diseases and cancer. The PhD course aims at preparing researchers to work in academia, in public or private agencies, or in biopharma or biomed-biotech companies.

The Biomolecular Medicine PhD course is characterized by two curricula:

  1. The Biochemistry curriculum provides a solid biochemical background, either theoretical or methodological, to develop molecular approaches towards physiological and pathological cell events.
  2. The Clinical Proteomics and Genomics curriculum provides a theoretical-practical education within both proteomics and genomics applied to the study of hematological, immunoreumathologic and cardiovascular diseases.

Within these curricula, applications are invited in the following areas of investigation:

  1. Genomics focused on cardiovascular disease and hypertension
  2. Proteomics in hypertension
  3. Redox biology in translational medicine
  4. Modulation of kinome in hematologic disorders
  5. Understanding of pro-resolving events in inflammatory vasculopathies
  6. Molecular interactions between protein(s)-ligand(s) with pathological implications
  7. Metabolic abnormalites in cellular model of inflammatory and cancer diseases


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