Nanoscience in translation

Graduate School: Natural and Engineering Sciences

PhD programme: Nanoscience and Advanced Technologies

Application Deadline: 16 April 2018

Start Date: 1st October 2018

Duration: 36 months


The PhD programme in Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies aims at coordinating a wide research area focussed on nanoscience where the most recent and innovative technologies in physical chemistry are exploited to target translational research with special reference to the biomedical field. An extensive range of scientific expertise, technology, and effort is dedicated to the following objectives: Synthesizing and characterising innovative nanomaterials, Establishing reliable screening procedures to evaluate nanomaterials and nanovectors safety in vitro and in vivo, Assessing nanovectors validity for theranostics with general aim at “Developing biomimetic nanomaterials with active targeting properties and their in vitro and in vivo assay”

Among the main themes for this application area, the applicants should focus on:

  • Synthesis of biomimetic polymeric nanoparticles active in recruiting a defined protein corona composition.
  • Assay of nanomaterial and nanovectors in cell cultures for toxicity, subcellular targeting and distribution, storage and degradation, and biological effect.
  • Assay of nanomaterial and nanovectors in laboratory animals for toxicity, organ targeting and biodistribution, and biological effect.

Research proposals covering the themes above are invited. Priority will be given to multidisciplinary projects.


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