Plant biotechnology

Graduate School: Natural and Engineering Sciences

PhD programme: Biotechnology

Application Deadline: 16 April 2018

Start Date: 1st October 2018

Duration: 36 months


The PhD program in Biotechnology focuses in genetic, proteomic, metabolic and physiological features of different organisms and their interaction with the external environment. The various topics related to biological, chemical, agricultural and engineering areas are therefore addressed, to develop basic and applied biotechnology research.

Applications in this PhD program are invited in the following subjects:

  • Genomic and biotechnology of grapevine

Use of omic approaches to investigate molecular traits related to plant and fruit development, final fruit quality and the genotype X environment interactions;

  • Plant molecular farming

Genetic engineering of different plants system, including algae, in order to produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic molecules;

  • Genetic engineering of microalgae and plants to produce high value products

Selection and genetic modification of different algae strains in order to sustainably produce high value products as pigments, omega-3 fatty acids or recombinant proteins.

Applicants are invited to base their research proposal on one or more of the above mentioned subjects.


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