Economics and Management

Graduate School: Legal and Economic Sciences

PhD programme: Economics and Management

Application Deadline: 16 April 2018

Start Date: 1st October 2018

Duration: 36 months


The PhD in Economics and Management offers advanced training in several areas of both main disciplines. The PhD programme aims to train experts with a comprehensive cultural scientific profile and able to take advantage of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the field.

After the first year in which students take advanced core (Micro, Macro, Econometrics, Mathematics, Game Theory, Organization, among others) and optional courses, in the following two years they pursue their individual research under the supervision of one member of the two Departments that established the PhD. During the second year students usually spend a period of research and study in a foreign institution. Participation in international workshops and conferences is recommended and financially supported.

The PhD course is dedicated to a series of themes that are currently central to the international scientific scene, ranging from quantitative finance to the analysis of public policies, from the analysis of the causes and effects of inequality and poverty to the problems that characterize companies, markets and economic sectors with various market structures, from the healthcare economy to the international and development economy, from the study and interpretation of economic processes in historical perspective to the development of appropriate methods for data collection and analysis. In the Management area, the research topics mainly developed are those of corporate governance, risk management and logistics. Using also conceptual categories and tools developed in other disciplines such as social psychology and – more recently – neurosciences, models of behaviour alternative to those formulated by traditional economic theory are elaborated and tested, with laboratory or field experiments.


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