Research areas

The applicants are expected to submit a proposal within the following research areas:

Arts and Humanities

  1. The experience of the Other: the stranger, the foreigner, the different, the outsider, the unknown
    Phd programme in Foreign Literatures, Languages and Linguistics
  2. Philosophy and Inclusive Societies: gender and queer studies; cultural studies
    PhD programme in Human Sciences
  3. Dante from the Middle Age to the Modern Era
    PhD programme in Philology, Literature, and Performance Studies

Legal and Economic Sciences

  1. Economics and Management
    PhD programme in Economics and Management
  2. Legal Issues of Data in the Information Society
    PhD programme in European and International Legal Sciences

Health and Life Sciences

  1. Genomics, Epidemiology–biostatistics, and Microbiology
    PhD programme in Applied Life and Health Sciences
  2. Biochemistry, and Clinical Proteomics and Genomics
    PhD programme in Biomolecular Medicine
  3. Cardiovascular Science
    PhD programme in Cardiovascular Sciences
  4. Epidemiology, Genetics and Pathophysiology
    PhD programme in Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences
  5. Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
    PhD programme in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
  6. Neurosciences, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences
    PhD programme in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  1. Plant biotechnology
    PhD programme in Biotechnology
  2. Medical informatics, Biomedical image processing and Bioinformatics
    PhD programme in Computer Science
  3. Nanoscience in translation
    Phd Programme in Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies

For further information about the research topics, please contact the people indicated at the bottom of each research area presentation.